We build custom designed websites for businesses of all kinds.  However, our primary area of expertise and interest is building of websites and providing marketing tools for lawyers and law firms.

We have built over 150 custom designed websites for businesses and law firm across the world.  We take our time and create custom and unique content.  We make certain that our websites are not "cookie cut" and as a result consumers respond extremely well.  As such, our lead to click ratios are excellent.

We also are highly skilled in the area of Search Engine Marketing and Pay Per Click Advertising.

Our expertise extends well beyond website development, we own a number of superior vanity toll free numbers and Hashtagcodes, which are available for licensing.

How Can We be of Assistance?

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The Personal Injury Team - Boston,  Massachusetts - (800) 580-1500

Calls to #4Law are free, subject to your agreement with your wireless carrier.  The Personal Injury Team is owned by an attorney licensed to practice in Massachusetts

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